Monday, 27 June 2011

The route forms

I'm not normally very prepared for, well.... life in general! So I'm pretty pleased that I'm starting to form a route for the walk.

I know that a lot of people want to come with me on the first day, which is repeating my test walk from Saturday - Upper Boat to Newport. Plus a few people have said they'd like to meet me at the other end, which was due to finish on Friday afternoon, but I'm taking a small liberty in extending that to earlier on Saturday, so that more people are available.

Roughly, my route will be

DAY 1 Upper Boat to Newport
DAY 2 Newport to Aust (a very beautiful walk, including crossing the River Severn)
DAY 3 Aust to Bath (a very long day, but with the promise of a Roman Spa at the end!)
DAY 4 Bath to Devizes
DAY 5 Devizes to Hungerford
DAY 6 Hungerford to Reading
DAY 7 Reading to Hounslow
DAY 8 Hounslow to Television Centre

The latter part of the route is likely to change a fair bit and I will be posting updates as I refine it.

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