Monday, 27 June 2011


Whilst I don't imagine this blog has tons of readers all patiently waiting for an update, I do feel I should mention that I survived the twenty-mile walk on Saturday! In fact, looking back, it was really great fun.

I went with a friend and we started at Newport rail station, following NCN Route 4 to Caerphilly. Shortly after, we moved onto Route 8 (the Taff Trail) before hitting the 20 mile mark and hopping (quite literally) on a train from Radyr to Cardiff.

Yes, I have to admit that after 20 miles, I could hardly walk another step. My friend was fine, but he's 34 and I'm 41 and as anyone may age will tell you, fitness rapidly decreases once you hit the 40 mark.

But it was a really great walk, despite the rain and I feel really happy to know I can do that distance now. Though I did have a strain on my left calf muscle for a couple of days after (in fact, it's still there, but only just).

I feel I need to do more of these 20 mile walks, building up to doing two or three in a row in preparation for September.

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